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The evening of February 27th, CCTV "news broadcast" to "environmental protection strict standards forced industrial transformation" theme of Shandong, reported a depth of Shandong paper industry from polluters once, the implementation of strict environmental standards, year by year, forced enterprise technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, promote the transformation of industry experience, including "Tralin mode" as typical cases reported in detail.
"News broadcast" focus "the most stringent environmental standards" Tralin transformation and development of the road, in-depth interpretation of the Tralin innovation driven green development, relying on independent research and development of more than 180 domestic and international patent technology, to become a world-class problem of pulp and papermaking high-tech industry, the paper mill to very stringent U.S. environmental standards process.


In recent years, the media repeatedly reported on Tralin group, show the Tralin group in the new normal, through technological innovation, change the traditional mode of papermaking, continue to break through bottlenecks in the industry, innovation and development of new equipment, new technology, new products, to create high value of straw comprehensive utilization of strategic emerging industries!

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