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Qilu network, Liaocheng, June 18th (reporter Kong Guanjun) waste water produced by paper companies have been criticized. In Liaocheng Shandong linzhiye limited liability company, the reporter saw the fish is swimming, weedy ecological landscape. This morning, the focus of the beautiful Shandong - the Ninth China network media Shandong trip, the delegation came here, completely subvert the views of people.
So the reporter was surprised, here can not see sewage, white smoke. "This is a paper mill? This is clearly a tourist attractions ah!" One came to Quanlin after the formation of the wetland treatment technology of wastewater waters, the reporters went to Zhanqiao wood, tantalised Huanshi jumping fish in water. According to the Shandong linzhiye limited liability company chairman Li Hongfa introduction, in recent years, linzhiye rely on technological innovation, has constructed based on the circular economy development model of crop straw depth utilization, namely "Tralin mode", the source of raw materials in the disposable straw fiber, is the real green, environmental protection, health products. Products through the "China environmental signs (type II) products" certification, in line with the United States FDA testing and the EU food testing agencies testing standards. Li Hongfa said that since 1997, water pollutant emission index has Quanlin better than national standards and local standards. At present, the enterprise total outfall stable concentration of COD below 30mg/L, the water quality in the current national standard way ahead of the COD = 90mg/L requirements (Shandong local standards COD 60mg/L), the index of drainage was better than that of foreign Pulp environmental standards at the same time. Staff Li Suwen told the Qilu network reporter, because the paper Tralin non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection, color and soft, should not cause reading fatigue characteristics, including 2013, Shandong college entrance examination papers for 4 consecutive years with Tralin paper.
In recent years, the production capacity of enterprises is increasing, but the water consumption and COD emissions are still declining. It is not hard to understand why in the artificial wetland Quanlin, everywhere is the ecological landscape Jinlin swimming, weedy and wild birds thrive. (source: Qilu network)


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